225th anniversary of La Villa del Humor

480x284-images-73504853 10212779816850155 6474166322543460352 n The Villa del Humor celebrated its 225th anniversary and the 43rd of the local organs of the People's Power, with a political-cultural gala.

The authorities of the Administration Council and the Communist Party of Cuba, students, as well as representatives of the Municipal Assembly of People's Power, led by its president Yadelki Hernández attended the gala.

At the beginning of the ceremony, an audiovisual was screened about the achievements and work of the People's Power during the current period, emphasizing the Ariguanabo's traditions, which have made this municipality transcend.

The centers that have actively collaborated with the local government were recognized, including the Lazaro Peña Tobacco Company, the Batalla of Las Guásimas and Reinaldo Pérez cooperatives, the Mártires de América Workshop, the Torcido Tobacco Company, the Radio Ariguanabo radio station, the Electric Company and the Eduardo Abela Professional School of Art.300x384-images-72729764 10212779816090136 5370811596685705216 n

Girsia Llanes, delegate of Circumscricpión 32 in the community La Ceiba and founder of the local organs of the People's Power, was recognized for having worked with pride and responsibility.

The guests enjoyed typical Cuban dances performed by students of the Eduardo Abela Provincial School of Art, as well as the choir of the La Dulce Chimera Project, directed by maestro Rodolfo Chacón, who  interpreted emblematic themes of Cuban music , like "Siboney" and "You're in my heart."

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