Much more than dance and joy

20191025 104904 Young people are much more than dance and joy. They are enthusiasm and commitment. The members of the Cuba's High-School Students Federation (FEEM) held the Municipal Council, where different pre-university students, teachers and authorities of the educational sector in San Antonio de los Baños participated.

Initially they were organized in commissions to discuss the defense of the Homeland, through the Military Service and the organic work of the FEEM.

A report was subsequently read, summarizing the work carried out at the IPVCE Mártires de Humboldt 7, the José Antonio Echeverría Polytechnic Institute, the José Maceo School and the Batalla del Jigüe Pre-University.

The students of this level of education expressed their opinion about the importance of reviving the organization, of paying the student contribution, of the correct use of the uniform and of fighting against academic fraud; They also emphasized the need to choose young people who can best represent them, so that they are true leaders in their educational centers.

Misael Hernández, head of the Middle and Higher Education of the Education Department in the territory, insisted on the importance of Vocational Training and Vocational Guidance, so that young people are prepared to fill out the form that will mark the beginning of their professional future.

Captain Carlos Yero, head of the Military Sector in Ariguanabo, explained the benefits of obtaining university and technical careers for young women who join the Women's Voluntary Military Service.

Once the debate was over, the FEEM municipal elections were held and the Secretariat was constituted, with its president Brian Hernández, student at Humboldt 7 Pre-University.

A new stage begins, with lines of work aimed primarily at supporting the municipality and the Revolution, since the study, the main duty of these boys who are part of the organization that on December 6 will be 49 years old.

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