Application of Gavac vaccine

Photo: Luis Alberto DH / RAPhoto: Luis Alberto DH / RA The National Parasitology Laboratory located in San Antonio de los Baños, supervises the correct application of the Gavac vaccine against the cattle tick.

The entity, belonging to the National Union of Laboratories of the Agricultural Health Center, participated with a multidisciplinary group of specialists as co-authors in the creation of the immunogen, more than two decades ago. From that moment on, the changes occurred in the livestock are taken into account and work is being done so that the Garrapata Control Program, based on the Gavac vaccine, benefits the largest number of non-state cattle producers in Cuba. The vaccine is marketed through the UEB of veterinary services, who ensure that other measures are carried out to control the mite.

With the Cuban vaccine, there is a considerable reduction of environmental contamination, the product does not interfere with other medicines, and the main thing: it decreases the incidence of animals affected and killed by hemoparasitic diseases, thus increasing productive yields.

In favor of legality


The  Property Registry in San Antonio de los Baños fulfills the fundamental objective of registering real estate, providing them with protection and legal security. Likewise, the registry discloses its entries through the means of publicity established by law.

The lawyer, Yasnaya Fernández Soler, main registrar of the institution, stated that in Resolution 114 of 2007 of the Ministry of Justice of Cuba, the elements that establish the security and protection of real estate traffic appear. The lawyer added that the inscriptions should always be requested in the Property Registry of the municipality where the property is located.

To register your home, people must provide the updated property title that must contain: nature of the property, whether it is urban or rural, the location, its description that includes the type of property and its parts, measurements and boundaries, occupied area and area total, value or legal price, titular nature, transferor of the right with its complete generals and official or authority that issued the title.

They will also present the identity document of the one requesting the registration or its representation in the corresponding cases; and the tax payment ticket, if your requirement corresponds.

Fernández Soler indicated that the request can be presented by the acquirer of the right, the one that transmits the right, the legal or voluntary representative of any of the aforementioned persons, or any person who has a legitimate interest in ensuring the right that is intended to be registered.

To register, you have 15 working days from the filing of the application. The term may be extended to 30 business days more, exceptionally if it is required to request other documents outside the registry, to verify the validity of the title.

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