Batalla de las Guásimas ready for the Tobacco Campaign

Photo: InternetPhoto: Internet The Basic Unit of Cooperative Production (UBPC) Batalla de las Guásimas of San Antonio de los Baños initiated the sowing of tobacco corresponding to the current campaign 2017-2018. The plants destined for the campaign were guaranteed by the technology of the '' Cepellón ''.

According to Esel Díaz Matos, a technician in Agronomy and an experienced vegan in the cooperative, there is a total of 18.79 hectares planted, with a total of 32,000 plants each. In the case of fertilizers, the complete formula is used, which is applied directly to the furrow when the land is plowed. Organic fertilizers are also used through the incorporation of legumes in soil preparation actions and earthworm humus after planting.

On the other hand, the UBPC has a permanent staff that responds to agricultural production and the subsequent benefit of the sheet, in time and form.

Committees for the Defense of the Revolution: more strengthened

Photo: InternetPhoto: InternetIn San Antonio de los Baños, the assembly process of the Ninth Congress of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) is developing satisfactorily, according to Isaac Leyva Marrero, municipal coordinator of the CDR.

In the municipality, 59 assemblies have already been held, representing 81.9 percent of the total. These meetings review the work of the CDRs during the last stage, their leaders are elected or ratified, and the most outstanding members are recognized. These meetings were characterized by the neighbors' statements in terms of strengthening surveillance, combating social indiscipline and increasing blood donations, the official said. The CDR coordinator called on the ariguanabense people to take on the tasks of the organization.

A group of young people was selected to be part of the Ninth CDR Congress. They will participate in different voluntary activities, as well as exchange with founders of this organization in the municipality.

Vilma Espín: in favor of the emancipation of women

Vilma Espín, an authentic Cuban woman. Photo: InternetVilma Espín, an authentic Cuban woman. Photo: Internet Vilma Espín is a commitment to follow her example as the eternal President of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC). Simple woman, with humility and intransigence, stroked with her smile the word Woman and fought with energy in favor of the genre.

She undertook the commitment to achieve the empowerment of women, from changing the machista lags in the inherited culture. She was a loyal friend and companion of all the women of the world, our dear Vilma Espín Guillois. Considered one of the most exceptional women of the Revolution, Vilma faced the risk and the sacrifice of the clandestinity and honored the guerrilla. Her participation as a fighter of the Rebel Army was decisive.

From a young age she was linked to the best causes of the country. With the revolutionary triumph in 1959, Vilma led the unification of women's organizations and then the constitution of the Federation of Cuban Women, on August 23, 1960, an organization to which she devoted herself to the last minute of her life.

She is recognized as a tireless fighter for the emancipation of women and for the defense of the rights of children, youth and the family, transcending borders as vice president of the Democratic Federation of Women (FIDIM). Within the long and complex process of nation formation she cultivated the ethical values ​​that always accompanied her.

That June 18, 2007 the news burst into the homes. Today, in front of the site where Vilma’s remains rest, the Cuban people honor her example and offer her flowers. Vilma is still with us. She is a symbol for present and future battles for a better world. Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada said: "(...) she leaves us an insurmountable example of loyalty, firmness, sacrifice and modesty". Déborah, Alicia, Monica, Mariela, Vilma is the face of the Cuban woman, the beautiful synthesis of her long struggle for emancipation.

Maduro: “El desarrollo de un poder en América Latina es el único camino”

Durante la instalación de la XIV Cumbre Extraordinaria del Alba-TCP, en Caracas, Venezuela, el presidente de ese país, Nicolás Maduro reafirmó que “el desarrollo de un poder en América Latina es el único camino” y la cita pretende revitalizarlo.

Señaló que esa es una de las prioridades de los gobiernos y pueblos de la región, sobre todo por el compromiso de mantener vivo el legado de Chávez.

VII Congreso del PCC

VII Congreso del PCC


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