Summer with wisdom

During these months, the recreational options invite and the family prepares its itinerary. There are interesting proposals in order to expand our knowledge and take advantage of free time to encourage training.

The Directorate of Education, Culture, Sports and other sectors of Cuban society have made a fruitful plan -at least in the Ariguanabo- which aims to include the vast majority of age groups, with the aim of promoting the motto of the summer stage ''To enjoy Cuba''. For example, many state bodies offer summer courses, from training courses promoted by Technical-Vocational Education, to courses at the Youth Computer and Electronics Club (Joven Club)

In the Villa del Humor, different courses are offered such as Beauty and Food Processing. I think it is an excellent opportunity to encourage the future of our children and young people, and it is another possibility of the summer period. We dedicate hours and days to beach areas, camping sites or recreational centers, but summer courses can not stop being planned. If any member of the family is attracted to these proposals, believe me, it is worth opening the doors to training for spiritual enrichment.

I quote the Apostle, who, even without specifying times of the year, summers and winters, brought to the present those powerful words "to appreciate in the future, it is necessary to know deeply". To enjoy summer, create tomorrow with knowledge drops.

Del Municipio